Tasmanian Labradoodles fly to Australia and Worldwide

U.S.A., Spain, Hawaii, Singapore, Bermuda U.K., New Zealand, Phuket, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Norfolk Island and Zimbabwe..


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Tasmanian Labradoodles are experienced, dedicated breeders of the highest quality, non shedding, allergy friendly, multi generation Labradoodles.

We breed the highest quality, non shedding, allergy friendly Labradoodles, with a gentle and loving nature that blend well into any family.

We are located in Tasmania, an island state at the bottom of Australia. Tasmania has a clean green environment and has a reputation for producing the highest quality products in the world. Labradoodles bred in this environment are fit and healthy and full of life.

Until one has loved a Labradoodle PART OF THEIR SOUL REMAINS UNAWAKENED

Forth River, Tasmania – Labradoodles love water, Rose, Sam, Brandy, Max and Lisa.

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Paul and Liz’s Labradoodle Romp in Bermuda

 Over 80 Tasmanian Labradoodles now in Bermuda

Tasmanian LabradoodlesBermuda Romp

“News Flash” from Hawaii

Tasmanian Labradoodle Dickens excels in Obedience Trials CD, CDX & RN Titles

Congratulations to Phil and Victoria

Tasmanian Labradoodles International Referrals Page                    Many thanks photography by Minori


Why purchase your Labradoodle puppy from Tasmanian Labradoodles?

Tasmanian Labradoodles produce the best Labradoodle puppies in the world. That is a big claim, but that is what we do. (That is what our puppy parents tell us, please visit our referrals page).

Tasmanian Labradoodle puppies have sound health with a hybrid vigor. Our puppies have non shedding, allergy friendly coats, with gentle, sweet loving natures. Tasmanian Labradoodle puppies are excellent loyal family companions, they will love everyone in your family. Our puppies have a sense of fun, playfulness and intelligence with individual personalities.

Tasmanian Labradoodles are free from PRA and can never produce a puppy with PRA. Tasmanian Labradoodles guarantee you will be happy with one of our puppies.