Australian Referrals

Hayley Referral

“Following the loss of our beloved 14 year old dog early this year we waited until it felt right to acquire another dog.

My wife wasn’t keen on a puppy so we decided to try and find a dog around a year old. The rspca was our first choice as we thought this was the decent thing to do. Also our departed dog was a stray and was the light of our lives. 

However someone close to us has 2 Labradoodles from Tasmanian Labradoodles and was insistent that a dog from there would be a perfect fit for our family. Not only do we trust her implicitly but, hoo boy, can she nag…and thanks goodness for that!

She contacted Paul who offered us 20 month old Hayley. We collected her in mid May and our lives were immediately enriched with joy. She is gentle, loving, cheeky and truly adorable. Coming home these days is joyous as I look forward to a cuddle with Hayley.

Our family and my in-laws are besotted with her. We compete for her affections and she is constantly being physically touched and loved by at least one of us. She has crept ever so gently and surely into our hearts and is a treasured family member.

We are truly immensely grateful for such a beautiful spirit.”

Cheers, Trevor

Hi Paul and Liz, 
Draco referral

I have had a lot to do with dogs my whole life, not professionally, but living in a farming community for most of my life, dogs were a big part of that. When i got ill a few years ago i did some research into ways i could gain back some independence and one of those ways was to get a medical alert dog. My partner and son have asthma and allergies so i had to look for a non allergenic dog which would be the only way this project could work. It had to be a strong dog and be at least to my hip in height. Then i started researching Labradoodles. I called and emailed a number of places all around the world asking for information on labradoodles and medical alert dogs. After finally finding a group called Aussie Angels Assistance Dogs Inc. who could help me with the training aspect i found that they didnt have any Labradoodles. I suggested i purchase my own Labradoodle puppy and with their help train it to be my own medical alert dog. After speaking with various breeders i decided to visit Paul and Liz at Tasmanian Labradoodles, and i was so glad i did. I got a guided tour from Lisa, who, to my surprise took me all around to see all the kennels housing ALL the dogs. I found the whole area to be clean, the dogs all neatly groomed and Lisa knew all the dogs by name, which also pleasantly surprised me as not many dog breeders would know ALL their dogs by name. Each and every dog that Lisa called came to her and really lapped up all the cuddles she gave them.

The last dog we looked at was Sam, a beautiful big silver bundle of love! If i could have taken Sam on the spot i would have he was so beautiful. My mind was made up that i wanted a pup from Sam. Lisa explained that i should probably get a fleece coat puppy as with my illness tremors had become a big problem for me and grooming would eventually become very hard. I decided on a pup from Cheri and Sams litter, at two days old he was so tiny! Lisa let me hold him and he snuggled right into me, at that point i was lost, yes, THIS was going to be my new partner in crime, my new medical alert dog. We visited again when my puppy was 5 weeks old on the way back from Hobart, we hadnt given any warning of our visit but still the conditions on the property were still the same as the last time we were there, all very neat and clean, except because it was raining the dogs were wet and a little muddy from playing which is to be expected. Even though they were busy Paul and Liz still made time for us and took us up to the pen where our puppy was being held with mum and brothers and sisters and took him out for me to hold again. Paul wiped him down because he was wet and we told Paul and Liz his name was going to be Draco. We had taken a blanket for Draco that he would be bringing home with him so that it could have the smell of his brothers and sisters on it, and Liz took it and put it in a special bag just for him.

The next three weeks were the longest three weeks of my life! when we went and picked our boy up he snuggled into me again and i could not take the smile off my face. Liz was telling me how much like his daddy he was and that comforted me even more. Even after i brought Draco home Paul and Liz’s support didnt end, there have been numerous emails backward and forward about Draco and every time i asked a question they were more than happy to answer it. Draco is now 6 months old, he has spent the last 4 months in training as a medical alert dog, and he has been alerting me to my episodes since the first night i brought him home. He comes everywhere with me, no exceptions, Everywhere we go people marvel at how smart he is and how beautiful he is. He is a bit of a cassanova, he drives the girls crazy and they all want to know who he is. He is a very big boy and everyone is surprised at how big he has grown in the last few months, one girl even said “he was the size of his head the last time i saw him!”. He is my gentle giant. He has been perfectly healthy since i picked him up and very spoilt. I have fed him the BARF diet as suggested by Paul and Liz, i have had a lot of arguments with my vet over this but i believe if the dogs at Tasmanian Labradoodles are fed the BARF diet and are as healthy as they were then it can only do good for my boy as well.

Draco is a very sociable puppy, he needs human interaction which is one of the things that makes him great for the job i need him to do as he follows me around without me having to “make” him. He has been very easy to train and follows most directions easily. He loves his chin and chest rubs, is very cheeky and i could not have picked a better boy to bring home. I am one VERY happy and proud owner of a Tasmanian Labradoodle, Thanks Nicole
Thank you Paul, Liz and Lisa, for my boy, and for all your support since i picked him up… here is one of the latest pics of Draco i thought you might like to have.

Miller Family Referral

1 year ago we decided that it was time we adopted a dog into our life and our hearts! We knew we wanted a Labradoodle for their character and non-shedding/hypo-allergenic qualities. After plenty of research and many phone calls with breeders all over Australia, we happily decided on Tasmanian Labradoodles — the best decision we made.

In July 2010 we adopted Jasper, a standard chocolate boy with wool coat – we travelled to Tasmania to pick him up, and are so glad we did – seeing the facility and other dogs just reiterated to us that we made the right decision. He was so cuddly and relaxed we were absolutely thrilled. As we drove back to Hobart I sat with Jasper on my lap, the most overwhelming sense of love and loyalty I had was indescribable – as cheesy as it sounds, it was truly love and first sight.

After getting back to Adelaide it was a very hectic time in our lives as we were about to be married and had family from Canada staying with us – our house was truly full. Jasper was so well behaved from day one, a few little accidents here and there, but never once did he destroy furniture or make a mess like most puppies do – I kept on priding his nature on the raw food diet and crate training — however my family that was visiting kept on stating it was only the ‘honeymoon’ stage and that in a matter of months the naughtiness would come out. They were VERY wrong. At 8 months old he was just coming into his personality and was a delight to be around, very loyal and loving – he taught my husband and I how to love, and most of all that we will be great parents one day.

Just after Christmas a tragic accident took his life, at 8 months old we lost our beloved Jasper. My husband and I miss him terribly, our house is empty and quiet – the only thing that keeps us going is knowing that in his death he saved a life, and for that he is our angel.

Of course the grieving process is not over, but the week after his death we just couldn’t bear to think about our future without a dog in our life – to lift our spirits we had a look at the Tasmanian Labradoodles website to see what litters were available. Without doubt we are always going to have Labradoodles in our life, and will never go anywhere else to get one – what Paul & Liz do for the breed is amazing – they truly live for what they do because they love what they do, and for that we are so grateful, as it gave us a true gift, Jasper.

It is difficult to move on, but we took the right step and secured ourselves a puppy in Summer & Sam’s litter – we will call him Louie – and will love him to bits!

I cannot recommend Tasmanian Labradoodles enough – our Jasper was very popular at local parks and everyone that met him wanted to know where we got him….I sometimes think I should give business cards out so we can be a part of making other families as happy as we were with our Tassie Labradoodle experience!

James & Ani Miller

Adrian & Wendy Iredale Referral

We have just adopted “Basil”, a beautiful 13 week old black fleece Labradoodle, and he is gorgeous. Our 16 year old beagle “Bandit” died last September and we really missed him but thought we would take advantage of our new independence and not get another dog. But it wasn’t too long before we were craving doggy company again. Beagles are great pets with a happy personality, and get along with all people and animals, but although very intelligent and quick to learn they are very strong willed and have a mind of their own. So the research started to find another breed to try this time that might suit our ageing lifestyle with a little less hassle than raising another beagle.

We looked at a number of breeds but kept coming back to Labradoodles. Their nice nature coupled with the fact that they don’t shed hair everywhere were very positive points. We decided to look into getting one that was from an quality breeder so that we could be sure of what we were getting and that narrowed the field down a bit. We studied websites on the internet and actually made a decision to purchase locally but the litter size wasn’t big enough and our eligibility was doubtful for that litter. So it was back to the drawing board. If we had to have a puppy flown to us then we didn’t mind which state it came from and we kept getting drawn back to the Tasmanian Labradoodles website. They had a good number of pups to choose from and we liked the idea of being able to get an “instant” puppy and also one that was just a few weeks older. We studied the litter pictures on the website along with the parent pictures and tentatively made a choice before phoning. Tasmanian Labradoodles were most helpful to talk to and we felt more confident about the choice we had made and decided to go ahead. It took just over a week to get everything organised, flights booked, etc. Paul and Liz even offered to do some extra training and socialising with Basil in the last week he was with them.

The result was a lovely calm little boy who arrived at the airport. The crate training that Paul and Liz had already done has helped tremendously with the first few nights and he is responding well to training. The BARF diet is new to us but we are learning and Basil loves his food. Adrian decided to make a small introductory video on the arrival of Basil into our lives. You can view our beautiful boy on “You Tube” at the following link. Make sure you have your volume turned up as it has a great song.

Thanks again to Paul and Liz and all their helpers for producing a great companion.

Adrian & Wendy Iredale

Anne Howe Referral Two

Here I am back for a second bite of the cherry.

Our lovely standard poodle, Gussy, died of cancer 6 months after Tassies Hugo the Boss, who is now 10 months old, came to live with us. Originally we bought Hugo as company for Gussy who was depressed after the death of her brother. He did a great job and, in turn, our grieving for her was greatly eased by his presence. For many years we’d owned standard poodles because of their intelligence and lovely temperament. Having owned Hugo for 10 months I’m now convinced that a Labradoodle (from Tasmanian Labradoodles) is an improved version of the poodle. They have all the good qualities of the poodle with the added bonus of an easier care coat. I thought perhaps we’d been lucky and that Hugo was exceptional. Now I don’t think so because we have his younger brother, Tassies Hot Potato (Spud), and he’s a little ripper too. Spud is just 4 months old and they are both the offspring of Meg and Benson.

These Tasmanian Labradoodles are very intelligent, easygoing, affectionate, playful clowns. They love adults, children and all dogs. Not a mean bone in their beautiful bodies. But…when a car enters our driveway, or somebody strange walks near us when it is getting dark, both bark like they are in the shredding people business. Miles, my husband, almost daily comments on what great dogs they are and says he can’t wait to come home from work to be greeted by them and give them a cuddle. When all that has taken place he does, eventually, remember that I’m here too.All our dog-loving friends have been captivated by our Labradoodles and I constantly have tourists to Norfolk Island asking me about them and where I bought them. Because I can suggest many reasons why people would want to own one (or two is even better) and have found nothing that disappoints me about them, I will be surprised if they don’t become the most popular of all dog breeds in the not too distant future.

Paul and Liz decided to take a much needed and long overdue holiday and deliver Spud to us. They accepted our invitation to stay in our home and we enjoyed every minute of their company. So we are the very lucky ones, as we not only have two wonderful dogs but two new friends for life. For your admiration I present the splendid Hugo and Spud all grown up, on lovely Norfolk Island

Martin Family Referral

Our family had several lengthy discussions in possibly purchasing a dog to join our family. After considerable research on the internet and phone calls to various Labradoodle breeders it clearly showed to us that a non shedding Labradoodle was best suited to out needs inline with their well natured temperament and intelligence.

We were very impressed with the smart professional advertising of Tasmanian Labradoodles where we further enquired into adopting a Standard Tasmanian Labradoodle from Liz and Paul. We were initially very apprehensive, as we had only seen photos including reading very impressive referrals from previous clients displayed on their web site. After several emails and phone calls to Paul and Liz we finally decided to take the plunge and adopt a puppy that we as a family carefully chose on the internet. Paul continued to ask questions about our families needs to ensure that we had chosen the right Labradoodle to join our home life style and secure the continued wellbeing of the adoption puppy.

It September 2007 we anxiously arrived at the Melbourne airport waiting on the arrival of our new family member Bentley TL362. Oh how our hearts just melted when we saw this gorgeous puppy sitting quietly in his crate amongst all the other noisy animals. Our confidence in adopting Bentley immediately increased during this time as we couldn’t believe how relaxed he was. Paul explained earlier that Bentley would be crate trained when he arrived. We were very surprised in how quickly Bentley settled into his new home due to his crate training. Bentley was just the perfect puppy as he slept all night and never wet inside or destroyed our manicured back yard. 

Bentley turned one year old in June and he is such a big part of our family life, indoors and out, including having his own ‘my space’ with an ever increasing friends list. Recently we went for a holiday to Tasmania and our first port of call was of course to visit the home of Bentleys parents (Meg & Benson).  Liz, Paul and son James welcomed us with open arms and what a delightful experience this was. During this visit it was an absolute pleasure to see and hear the commitment from this family in how they take such pride in breeding Tasmanian Labradoodles and the continued support they provide after delivery.

Liz & Paul, the Martin family thank you for allowing us to adopt Bentley who is now known as ‘the Martin family’s best friend’

Sue Bagg Referral

I have wanted a Labradoodle since I first saw them on TV years ago. They are loyal, intelligent, and playful and look like fun. Well it took me several years before I got serious and started looking for a top quality breeder. My research took me across the sea to Tassie, where I found Paul & Liz at Tasmanian Labradoodles.

I quickly started looking through all the photos of all the puppies, matching the pups to their parents. Some were small, others large, some chocolate or cream or other colours. I fell in love with them all. No matter what they looked like, I thought they were all gorgeous.


Now, I live on a farm in Victoria’s South West, so I needed to take into account a couple of things like how would a cream coat look after a roll in the dirt? Or would the horses want an overactive puppy getting in to mischief under their feet? I also have 3 children who take most of my energy which would not leave much for a puppy. With this in mind I filled in the adoption form and promptly sent it to Paul and Liz. To be honest with you I didn’t think I was being too fussy. All I wanted was a pup with a gentle, friendly laid back approach to life. The colour really didn’t matter, because I love them all as long as it was wool or fleece coat. And a dog that was not too tall and not too small. Oh, and I wanted a girl.

How could I trust Paul and Liz to get this right when they didn’t even know me?

It wasn’t long before Paul sent me a photo of a dear little chocolate girl she was 3 ½ months old. By the time I get her she will not be small and cute and fluffy. She will be big and may have bad habits. So I picked up the phone and called Paul. We spoke for quite some time about the little puppy I was now starting to think of as mine and I was excited all over again. I’ve had Lilly, my Tasmanian Labradoodle, for 7 weeks now and she is perfect for us. Paul and Liz did get it right. She has the perfect temperament, beautiful chocolate wool coat and is an absolute joy to have. Some of the benefits of getting an older puppy are that they come lead trained and socialised and ready to train. For example, we have had very few accidents inside on the carpet, we started training straight away and Lilly definitely understood crate training way before we even had time to read the information on it.

But you know what the best thing was about getting an older puppy, we were the stars of Puppy School. Top pupils. The trainer was always using Lilly to demonstrate how the training should go. One of my favourite things is to take Lilly for a walk because everyone wants to pat her and hooo and ahhh at how gorgeous she is. They ask what breed she is and admire how well behaved she is. I must admit I walk away with my chest out and a big smile on my face, and I have a feeling Lilly does too. So if you’re thinking of getting a Labradoodle I would highly recommend getting a Tasmanian Labradoodle, and if possible tell Paul and Liz you’ll take on older one.

Anne Howe Referral

I have a reasonably good knowledge of quite a few dog breeds as I have trained many problem dogs for other people (my own Australian kelpie was trained to Obedience Champion standard and was first place in both UD and Open Obedience at the Sydney Royal Show the only time she competed there). Other than standard poodles my husband, Miles, and I have owned a golden retriever. The golden was purchased when our children were babies because she was gentle and easy care (no labradoodles in those days).

In August 2007 our beloved 9-year-old silver standard poodle, Super Simon, died of lymphoma. His sister, Gorgeous Gussy, became very depressed so we decided we should buy another dog for her and for us.

So my search began. I decided to look closely at the various doodles now available. It took not too much searching to discover that the Labradoodle was the dog I was seeking. Next, which Labradoodle? Many, many hours on the web and talking to various Labradoodle owners led me to Paul and Liz at Tasmanian Labradoodles.

At 10:15 pm on 23rd of February 2008 the plane bearing our Hugo the Boss landed on Norfolk Island where we now live. Although Paul and Liz had been extremely helpful both on the phone and via email I, as the trainer and groomer, was still anxious about the puppy they had chosen for us. We didn’t care what colour he was or what he looked like but I knew exactly the temperament and the coat type I wanted and I had expressed these requirements to them. After doing our Customs paperwork we drove the 5 minutes distance from the airport to our home with the crate in the back of the car.