Brandy’s Journey

Hello, my name is Brandy. I was born on the 4th of July 2002. I am the daughter of Max and Meg of Tasmanian Labradoodles. I started out as a chocolate café and as I matured my fleece coat got lighter and longer. I have now turned out to be a beautiful cafe/cream fleece coat.

My time at Tasmanian Labradoodles was wonderful. I got to romp in the gardens and swim in the river with my parents, brothers and sisters.

I am a mature girl and I cycled early, therefore Paul e-mailed a photo of me to Beverley at Rutland Manor and she agreed I was beautiful and that I should come to Rutland Manor to meet one of her handsome boys.

Paul and I couldn’t board the Spirit of Tasmania immediately. It was only after a three hour wait we could get on the ferry to the mainland.

Hooray, we finally got a spot on the boat. Things were a bit scary for me as I thought Paul was going to put me in one of those horrible cages next to all those smelly dogs.

Paul thought about the smelly dogs and felt sorry for me. So he decided to let me sleep the night in the van. Paul hoped I wouldn’t chew the seats and mess in the van. I didn’t!

Ten hours later at about 7:00am Paul came to wake me up. It was time to leave the Spirit of Tasmania as we were finally in Port Melbourne Victoria. Paul and I drove down the road so I could have a pit stop and a photo in front of the Spirit of Tasmania.

After leaving Port Melbourne, I helped Paul navigate. We got lost a couple of times. (Paul says I can’t read a map!) Two hours later we finally arrived at Rutland Manor. I didn’t do to bad a job for a Blonde Labradoodle.

Wow, I’m looking forward to meeting my mate. Paul had a wonderful time at Rutland Manor and Beverley was a great host. Paul worked at Rutland Manor for nine days and visited me every day. Then Beverley offered Paul more money than I thought I was worth. Paul cried and so did I. He left to go back to Tasmania and I was very sad.

The next day I got to meet Colorado, but he didn’t like my perfume so then I was introduced to Redd. Things didn’t work, but “Oh Well” I am keeping my paws crossed for next time. I was sad for a few days missing Paul, but Beverley has made me feel so welcome and comforted me.

Now my favourite spot is on her bed.

Me at 10 weeks
Me at 8 months
Me at 11 months

Thanks for reading about my journey.

Lots of love and licks,