International Referrals

Hi Liz & Paul

AKC decided to allow mixed breeds to compete in American obedience trials last year, and Tassies Labradoodles didn’t disappoint. Oona and Dickens are doing well, and we are proud of their first year in AKC obedience events.

Dickens earned both his Companion Dog (CD) title, Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title and Rally Novice (RN) title last year, and did well enough to win the Harold K.L. Castle Perpetual Trophy for obedience in 2010! It is an impressive award, and I thought you might like some photos of his trophy. Oona got her CD and RN, and is working on her CDX, no trophies yet, but lots of ribbons and a great lively spirit.

Sorry not to send photos of Oona …. these shots are a birthday present from Victoria, who asked a photographer friend (Minori) to get some pictures of Dickens and trophy. I thought I should share a few with you. I got Minori’s permission if you want to post any on your website.

I hope all is well in Tasmania. My wife and I are thinking we should fly over to look at your dogs and come back with a couple more puppies some day. Dickens and Oona have brought much joy to our lives.

Phil Haisley Honolulu
Photography by Minori

The Pereira Family Referral, Bermuda

First and foremost we want to thank Liz and Paul for bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives!

Friends of ours had gotten a Labradoodle about a year ago from Tasmanian Labradoodles. We could see how fantastic their dog was, he was so well tempered and great with their kids. I decided to contact Paul and Liz in May to inquire about a puppy. We wanted a puppy on the smaller side, a bit lazy (like his owners!) and kind and gentle to be with our kids who are 6 and 3. Within a few weeks Liz had contacted me to say they thought they had a good match for us based on what we were looking for in our new pet. Once we decided that yes he was the one for us, Liz was great at keeping us updated with his progress and pictures.

We were worried about the long journey our puppy would have to go on to get to us, but Liz gave me plenty of information and assured me that he would be just fine in his travels. The whole process was extremely thorough and organized. We thought he may be afraid and out of sorts after travelling such a long distance, but when he arrived he bounded out of his crate and was playful and happy. We were instantly in love!

Paul and Liz were spot on in selecting Chappy for us. He is the most loving, sweet puppy. He is great with our kids, playful but not rough in the least. He gets on so well with anyone he meets. He has brought much joy into our lives and we thank Paul and Liz from Tasmanian Labradoodles for that!

Within the first week of having Chappy my husband and I said this is the perfect breed for us and we may add another to our family in the near future.

Many Thanks,
The Pereira Family

Ashworth Family Referral, Spain

Liz & Paul

I would like to thank you so much for sending us such an amazing puppy!

The main reason we chose a Labradoodle ( apart from his amazing temperament) is because Alastair is highly allergic to most types of fur. We have met a few Labradoodles in the UK and he was highly allergic to them. We were keeping everything crossed that Doogle, with his special coat would not trigger an allergic reaction. The great news is that he is not allergic, Doogle is a hypoallergenic dog! For the first time in his life, he has been able to cuddle a dog!

Sending Doogle on the plane was a really big decision for us, but it was all really easy. The airline and the animal transport company were in touch with us and put our minds at rest. You have done his crate training so well that he was very happy to be in his crate as he thought it was his own little den. We had a little bit of stress at Madrid airport when we went to collect him. Nothing more serious than the Spanish paper trail we had to follow all around the cargo terminal! The process of collecting him took us 5 hours, which here in Spain we consider to be fast! He has seen the vet here to check he is none the worst for wear after his incredible journey and was given a clean bill of health. He has had the blood test to confirm the success of the rabies jab he had before he left you. Once his blood result comes back he can travel anywhere in the pets travel scheme with his new Spanish passport. We find his Spanish passport fairly funny as he is an Australian dog with English owners, he is truely an international jet setter.

Anyway, after just 1 week Doogle is very well integrated into our family. He has been fantastic since he arrived, we are so grateful to you both for all the effort and time you have put into his training. He is very well socialised, he loves to go out and about and loves it in the car. Since he arrived with us, he has been out for lunch, dinner and drinks. He is so laid back that he just lays by our feet. He is so nicely behaved no-one can believe he is a puppy. He gets lots of attention on his travels, mostly because he is so cute, but also because here in Spain, no-one has seen a Labradoodle before.

He has been to the beach and really liked that, although he is a dirt magnet, like a big fluffy dirt catcher! So we try to keep him dry at the beach, so we don’t bring the whole beach home with us. He gets very hot in the afternoons, so he has a swim in the pool at home to cool off, which he loves and then he is happy for the rest of the day. I think that temperatures of 36 degrees each day have been the only difficulty he has had to deal with coming from a much colder climate to a Spanish summer. He has adapted really well and his dip in the pools seems to help.

He has met many people, children, babies, other dogs, cats, horses and today even a chicken! All of which he takes in his stride and is gentle and kind to all.

He has had his puppy moments however, and today while dripping wet he decided to try out the sofa for a snooze. He also has a fondness for eating plants and digging them up! – Although he hasn’t done that for a few days, so fingers crossed he has grasped that we are not impressed with his gardening technique. However, his house training is really amazing, he knows to go outside when he needs to. This works well so long as we remember to leave the door open for him! The crate training you did with him has certainly paid off as the house training took about 2 days!

So, to sum up, Doogle is incredible, we all fell in love with him instantly. You have done the groundwork with him so so well. The experience has been a great one with you from the very beginning and we are so pleased we chose you and one of your puppies. I would highly recommend you to anyone, we are thrilled with Doogle.

Many thanks and best wishes.
Sally, Alastair and Emilia Ashworth

Victoria and Phil’s Referral, Hawaii

After extensive reading and research, we had our hearts set on owning a Labradoodle. Living in rabies free Hawaii, we knew our puppy would have to come from Australia to avoid quarantine restrictions. After looking at many websites, we were impressed by the beautiful dogs at Tasmanian Labradoodles. My husband contacted Liz and Paul, and we reserved a female puppy. Then (call us crazy) we thought about how much our new puppy would enjoy the company of another puppy and be less lonely when we were not able to be at home. We asked Liz and Paul if we could adopt a second puppy from the same litter, and our wish was granted. We anxiously looked forward to the arrival of Oona and Dickens.

We were a little worried about their flight from Australia and the customs and quarantine process, but Paul and Liz arranged everything, and it went like clockwork. When I went to pick up Oona and Dickens at the airport Quarantine office, the first thing the woman at the counter said to me when she saw my papers was: “You are so lucky. Those are the cutest dogs.” I was expecting that the puppies might be a little scared after traveling, but when I first opened their crates and called their names, they came bounding into my arms as if they had always known me. On their first night and every night (and day) since, they never once whimpered or cried.

Oona and Dickens have brought nothing but happiness to our household. We followed Liz and Paul’s advice about “puppy whispering” and found that it quickly forged a bond of trust. They are loving, sweet tempered and very intelligent (and okay, maybe a little rascally). In our puppy class, the teacher refers to them as the “rocket scientists.” At six months old, they obey come, sit, down, stay, and walk beautifully on a leash without any tugging or pulling. Dickens loves to swim in our pool, and Oona uses the top pool step as her personal cooling pond. They also let us groom them without resistance or fussing. The BARF diet was easy to follow once we got the hang of it.

We could not be more pleased with our puppies from Tasmanian Labradoodles and would recommend them to anyone who wants an exceptional pet. Liz and Paul put a lot of time into socializing their puppies before they send them off, and believe me, they are a joy to have.

Victoria Kneubuhl and Phil Haisley, Honolulu, Hawaii

Abbott family Referral, South Dakota, USA

The first thing I would like to say is thank you to Paul and Liz for our wonderful standard Labradoodle Adlai. We love him very much.

A couple of years ago we lost our loved lab Chester and a year after that we lost our westie, Betsy. That year our youngest daughter, the youngest of three daughters, graduated from high school and we found ourselves with a very empty nest. We still have our daughter’s beagle, Oscar, who we love very much. We found though, this just wasn’t enough with all those years of activity in our house. So we searched the internet and tried to find that perfect puppy. We were looking for a lab but didn’t want to deal with all of the shedding again, then thought a poodle would be perfect. Well, we weren’t too sure of that either. We then talked to a woman on Nantucket Island who told us about the Tasmanian Labradoodle Breeding Centre. She was so happy with her Labradoodle from Paul and Liz, she convinced us this was the breed we wanted and this was the best place to get one.

We went to Paul and Liz’s website and looked at the puppies available and chose our Adlai. He is a cream standard Labradoodle. Once we had chosen him the big question was, how do we get this puppy from Tasmania Australia to Vermillion, South Dakota, USA. Paul and Liz have sent their puppies all over the world and they assured us that he would be okay flying for many hours. The arrangements were made but I still had so many concerns about him but Paul and Liz made me feel comfortable with Jet Pets and the travel arrangements. Since I was already in Massachusetts I would pick him up in Boston, which was the only city they would allow him to fly into because of the heat last summer. His first flight was from Tasmania to San Francisco and Jet Pets called us to say he was just fine and happy… He then arrived in Boston the next morning where I picked him up they brought his crate to me and I opened the door while sitting on the floor in front of it and he came out slowly crawled up on my lap and put his head on my chest. It was instant love!!!

He is now almost 10 months old and almost fully grown. He has the best paws I’ve ever seen. His pads are like a teddy bears paws, big pads. They sort of shuffle throughout the house. He isn’t crazy about our wood stairs and I think it’s because of his big pads and they have a tendency to slip. We have been told by the groomer and our trainer that he is sooo calm the calmest Labradoodle, they have ever seen. He is a puppy but so easy to handle.

He has always been a puppy that wants to please. After going through another training session just last week, it was so obvious he understands what we are trying to get him to do. We are working on his loose leash walking and it took him only a few days to understand exactly what we want him to do. He looks at us for direction and obeys us. Next week we are working on “come” without question and sit….not matter what. He knows “come” and “sit” but doesn’t always want to do it when asked to, so we are working on him doing it every time. I am confident that Adlai will understand it. We are doing it with positive reinforcement and making sure that he knows we, my husband and myself, are the pack leaders. It’s working. He loves to play fetch for as long as you want to play the game. I give him “Kong” puzzles and it doesn’t take him long to understand there is food in the inside of it and he figures out how to get it out.

As you can see he is a beautiful, smart loving puppy who is very loved. He is easy to love. He is a great brother for Oscar the beagle. If asked where to get a Labradoodle puppy, I won’t hesitate to recommend Paul and Liz at the Tasmanian Labradoodles. Thank you Paul and Liz for our wonderful little (big) guy. Adlai is everything we had hoped for and more.

Brewer Family Referral Bermuda,UK

Our family quite literally search the entire world for the best Labradoodle breeders and labradoodles, and we are so thrilled to report that we found them with Paul & Liz of Tasmanian Labradoodles and their dogs. Toffee travelled all the way from Tasmania to Bermuda, UK and has settled in so well to our family. She was crate trained before leaving so the flight really did not seem to affect her. We have two young children and Toffee has just been a dream for them, and for us. She has the perfect balance of being a laid back, relaxed puppy that steals the hearts of all who meet her, to being a fun-loving, curious puppy. She is remarkably well house trained, obviously due to the hard work of Paul and Liz. It has made our puppy experience all that more enjoyable. We couldn’t more highly recommend the puppies that come from Tasmanian Labradoodles. Toffee is stunning to look at, and just a delight to have around. We feel super-lucky and grateful to have connected with Paul and Liz who went out of their way to facilitate the long journey that Toffee took and to have taken such special care of her in her formidable years. Thanks to them for that!

Victoria, Tim, Regan, Tatum and Toffee Brewer, Bermuda, UK

Wong Family Referral

Recently, my husband and I purchased a Labradoodle puppy from Paul and Liz (Tasmanian Labradoodles). Everything incredibly good that you have read about the breed- its intelligence, its good looks, its disposition, its potentially non-shedding fur, is TRUE, especially if purchased from responsible and experienced breeders, such as Paul and Liz.

We contacted Paul and Liz sometime in April 2005. They told us that they had the puppy for us- a cafe boy with a wool/fleece coat, who was calm and mellow, and that could fit into our lifestyle. They gave us exactly what they had claimed he was, and more. Our boy Angel is simply in Liz’s words, “gorgeous”. He is very sweet, loving, extremely calm, reserved with strangers, gentle, and very well-behaved. I have had dogs all my life, but have never had a puppy who is so mellow, and good-natured. In the beginning, I was concerned about the physical demands of a large dog (standard labradoodle), especially as we are not exactly an active, outdoorsy family.

However, I have found that it is easier caring for him because of his gentle, relaxed nature, than it was caring for my previous yorkies. While my yorkies strutted about with “big dog in little dog bodies syndrom”, Angel is truly the gentle giant, patiently accepting all that life tosses his way. In every situation, he has proven himself easy-going, calm, and the best-behaved dog present. This I feel is not just an illustration of the breed, but also a testament to the kind of care that Paul and Liz have invested in their dogs. Angel was already crate-trained by Paul and Liz, so potty-training was less painful for us.

Angel has also had to adjust to a totally different environment from his original home. Where once he lived in space and nature, he now lives in a small apartment, in the heart of the city. He has had to learn to potty in the midst of traffic, humidity, people bustling by. All this he has taken in his stride.

The photographs that you see on the web of the dogs do not really depict them accurately. In person, Angel is so much more handsome than his pictures. Also, when the photos of his litter were first posted up, I was not as drawn to him as I was to another puppy. I expressed this to Paul and Liz, and they expressed to me that given our living situation and allergy-prone daughter, Angel was the better match. I am glad I took their advice, for once Angel arrived, he simply fit into our lives, seamlessly

If you are an interested, discerning, and responsible buyer/dog owner, looking for the dog of your dreams, look no further. Paul and Liz are genuine, kind, attentive, and patient. Their dogs, a reflection of who they are, and what they stand for.

Tammy Wong

Tammy L. Wong

This is the second time I am writing to say that if you are a discerning, responsible dog-lover looking for the dog of your dreams, look no further. Paul and Liz from Tasmanian Labradoodles are the real deal, their dogs, a true expression of their integrity and beliefs.

In April 2005, we purchased a café boy (Angel) from Tasmania Labradoodles. This decision was made after much research and prayer. Originally, we had thought of other breeds, like the golden retriever and the bearded collie. Because of allergy problems, a golden retriever breeder in California, actually recommended the Labradoodle to us. Paul and Liz promised that Angel would be all that we hoped for- gorgeous, mellow, loving, sweet, gentle. Angel turned out to be all that, and more.

Extremely easy-going, very intelligent, and gentle, Angel fits into our lives seamlessly. There were many adjustments he had to make, but he took all these in his stride. Quickly, he began to accompany me to work, and surprised everyone by his excellent behavior.

By Thanksgiving 2005, we purchased our second boy, Samson from Paul and Liz. Unlike Angel who is reserved and dreamy, Samson is very alert, and bright. He is people-friendly, and is always ready for adventure. In terms of conformation and color, Samson is a handsome dark brown boy, who reminds us of a smiling sumo wrestler. Angel on the other hand has lightened to a lovely cafe, and stands with grace.

What I appreciate most of Paul and Liz is their unfailing patience with my many questions, and their honesty. For instance, when I first saw Angel’s picture, I was not drawn to him. I was keen on another puppy. But Liz advised that Angel would be a better match. I have had absolutely no regrets trusting her. During the time that Samson was to arrive, Paul and Liz had something like 80 puppies to take care of. Yet even in such a busy time, they were simply a call away. Paul and I had a long, careful conversation about the realities involved in caring for another puppy, as well as the expected dog/family dynamics. He never once pushed the sale of a second puppy to me.

Although I had concerns about caring for a large (standard doodle) dog (especially as we are city dwellers- small apartment without a yard, and the non-sporty/outdoorsy sort of family), these fears were quickly eliminated just by the sheer nature of the breed, as well as the preparation work done by Paul and Liz. For instance, Angel and Samson were crate-trained by Paul and Liz, and they mastered potty-training easily. Yes, two large dogs are quite a bit of work, but the joy we reap is infinite, and frankly, they are easier to care for than my previous hyper pint-sized Yorkies.

Lastly, I have to say that the pictures do not depict the dogs well. In person, they are best described as handsome, gentle, bear-like giants. The only drawback about these dogs is that you cannot walk down the street with them without causing a stir!

Having said that, now that I have two, I am saving up for a third. And when the time comes, I will most certainly buy him/her from Tasmania Labradoodles again!