Gypsy & Hunter’s Puppies

Gypsy and Hunter have 9 beautiful puppies born on the 25th Aug. Available for adoption from the 27th Oct.

Colours: Brown,

Size: Large Medium to Standard ALF6

Gypsy's Puppies

  • 1.Brown girl
  • 2.Brown girl
  • 3.Brown girl
  • 4. Brown boy
  • 5.Brown boy
  • 6.Brown boy
  • 7.Brown boy
  • 8.Brown boy
  • 9.Brown boy 

4 Week puppy photos

Brown girls
Brown girl
Brown boys
Brown boys 2
Brown boys 3

6 Week puppy photos

4170 Brown girl Gilly Melbourne
4171 Brown girl James Wepa QLD
4172 Brown girl Ron and Araminta Melbourne
4173 Brown boy Rietveld family Hobart
4174 Brown boy Ron and Araminta Melbourne
4175 Brown boy Vagg family Hobart
4176 Brown boy Gill and Andrew Devonport
4177 Brown boy Rhian London UK
4178 Brown boy John and Sharon Sydney

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