Lil & Bosley’s Puppies

Lil and Bosley have 5 beautiful puppies born on the 1st Sept. Available for adoption from the 3rd Nov.

Colours: Caramel,

Size: Mini ALF6

Lil's Puppies

  • 1.Caramel boy
  • 2.Caramel boy
  • 3.Caramel boy
  • 4.Caramel boy
  • 5.Caramel boy

4 Week puppy photos

Caramel boys
Caramel boys 2
Caramel boy

6 Week puppy photos

4192 Caramel boy Shirahama family Japan
4193 Caramel boy Christine Perth WA
4194 Caramel boy Lisa Hobart
4195 Caramel boy Evonne and Michael Osmaston
4196 Caramel boy Sheena and Jason Launceston

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