Macie & Bosley Puppies

Macie and Bosley have 9 beautiful puppies born on the 5th of Nov. Available for adoption from the 11th of Jan.

Colour: Caramel and cream

Size: Mini ALF6

Macie’s Puppies

  • 1.Caramel girl
  • 2.Caramel girl
  • 3.Caramel girl
  • 4.Caramel boy
  • 5.Caramel boy
  • 6.Caramel boy
  • 7.Caramel boy
  • 8.Caramel boy
  • 9.Apricot Cream boy

4 Week puppy photos

Caramel girls
Caramel girl and boy
Caramel boys
Caramel boys 2
Apricot Cream boy

6 Week puppy photos

4538 Caramel girl Robin and Cynthia Raby Bay QLD
4539 Caramel girl Rachael Evandale
4540 Caramel girl Virgina Melbourne
4541 Caramel boy Kato family Japan
4542 Caramel boy On Hold
4543 Caramel boy Nikki Bridport
4544 Caramel boy Conrad family Melbourne
4545 Caramel boy Graham and Linda Launceston
4546 Apricot Cream boy Wendy and David Canberra

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