Maisy & Snuggle’s Puppies

Maisy and Snuggles have 9 beautiful puppies born on the 22nd Jan. Available for adoption from the 2nd April.

Colours: Caramel and Red,

Size: Toy and Mini ALF6

Maisy's Puppies

  • 1.Red girl
  • 2.Red girl
  • 3.Red boy
  • 4.Red boy
  • 5.Caramel girl
  • 6.Caramel girl
  • 7.Caramel boy
  • 8.Caramel boy
  • 9.Caramel boy

4 Week puppy photos

Red girls
Caramel boys
Caramel girls
Caramel boys
Caramel boy

6 Week puppy photos

4967 Red girl Tasmanian Labradoodles
4968 Red girl Ben Melbourne
4969 Caramel boy Singapore
4970 Caramel boy Tasmanian Labradoodles
4971 Caramel girl available
4972 Caramel girl Ackland family Melbourne
4973 Caramel boy Angelica Hobart
4974 Caramel boy Anne-Maree Hobart
4975 Caramel boy Stefanie Hobart

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