Milla & Otis’ Puppies

Milla and Otis have 7 beautiful puppies born on the 9th Feb. Available for adoption from the 9th April .

Colours: Caramel and caramel cream

Size: Medium  ALF7

Milla's Puppies

  • 1.Caramel cream girl
  • 2.Caramel cream girl
  • 3.Caramel cream girl
  • 4.Caramel cream girl
  • 5.Caramel cream boy
  • 6.Caramel boy
  • 7.Caramel boy

4 Week puppy photos

Caramel cream girls 1&2
Caramel cream girls 3&4
Caramel cream and caramel boys 1&2
Caramel boy

6 Week puppy photos

4992 Caramel cream girl
4993 Caramel cream girl
4994 Caramel cream girl
4995 Caramel cream girl
4996 Caramel cream boy
4997 Caramel boy
4998 Caramel boy

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