Pearl & Bear’s Puppies

Pearl and Bear have 6 beautiful puppies born on the 12 Aug. Available for adoption from the 12 Oct.

Colours: Cream, caramel cream, black and brown

Size: Large Medium to Standard ALF6

Pearl's Puppies

  • 1.Cream boy
  • 2.Caramel cream girl
  • 3. Caramel cream boy
  • 4.Black girl
  • 5.Black boy
  • 6.Brown boy

4 Week puppy photos

Caramel cream girl and boy
Black girl and boy
Cream and brown boys

6 Week puppy photos

4473 Cream boy On Hold
4474 Caramel cream girl Michael and Emma Grafton NSW
4475 Caramel cream boy Ian and Cathy Hobart
4476 Black girl Meg and Fiona Launceston
4477 Black  boy Yvette Perth
4478 Brown boy Dale and Jayne Launceston

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