Tiffany & Frankie’s Puppies

Tiffany and Frankie have 5 beautiful puppies born on the 9th of Oct. Available for adoption from the 21st of Dec.

Colour: Caramel

Size: Mini to Small Medium ALF6

Tiffany’s Puppies

  • 1.Caramel girl
  • 2.Caramel girl
  • 3.Caramel boy
  • 4.Caramel boy
  • 5.Caramel boy

4 Week puppy photos

Caramel girls
Caramel boys
Caramel  boy

6 Week puppy photos

4505 Caramel girl Sarah Launceston
4506 Caramel girl Scott Hawaii
4507 Caramel  boy Kay family Hobart
4508 Caramel  boy Kishida family Japan
4509 Caramel  boy Alex Elliot

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